Current Opportunities

DevOps Engineer (Reference ID: DOP20220406)

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer cum Linux System Administrator in Amazon AWS, who can design, build, deploy, maintain, monitor and cost-effectively scale as per need of our web applications LAMP environments. The person should also be able to maintain and extend our AWS, Puppet, Git, Jenkins CI environment and our containerized local dev and QA environments. The person must be a team player, working closely with the DevOps team members and the developers.


Experience: 7+ years as Linux System Administrator with recent 3+ years in Amazon AWS, Apache HTTP server, Puppet, Jenkins, Docker and building automation scripts using bash and AWS CLI.


● You will be responsible for designing, configuring, deploying, administering, monitoring, analysing, and supporting cloud based (IaaS/PaaS) application services and systems.
● You will work alongside developers to deploy our software and systems in the QA and production environments.
● You will be continuously improving and automating the environment setup using Puppet code.
● You will be managing and extending our Jenkins based CI / CD environment and maintaining our Git repository.
● You will be continuously monitoring the servers for load assessment and security risks suggesting appropriate and timely recourse and rectification.
● You will be supporting the developers in running Docker on their Ubuntu workstations. You will be building and managing images for them to use.
● Analysing the logs like alert and trace files, syslog, auth.log, mail.log, Apache logs, AWS Logs (ELB, ALB, CloudTrail log, RDS logs VPC Flow log, etc.).
● Linux update and upgrade, security patches, etc.
● Backup and restore, log rotation and purging, snapshots and purging, etc.
● Automating and documenting server maintenance tasks.
● Strong knowledge of monitoring tools (Nagios, in particular) including experience in designing and implementing new monitoring checks.
● Strong troubleshooting and analytical skills, ability to comprehend, review and analyse application logs.


● 7+ years of experience working as a Linux system administrator, managing the LAMP stack with the ability to configure and maintain network with subnets, load balancer, mail service, users, groups, sudoer, file and directory permissions, port access, firewall, log files for all services, secure socket layer (SSL), secure shell (SSH) & key-based access, role-based access, crontab, Apache / vhosts configuration, etc.
● 3+ years of experience designing and building LAMP web application environments on AWS services.
● 2+ years of experience with Puppet. Experience with other open-source configuration management utilities such as Chef, Salt, etc. will be a plus.
● Puppet certification is preferred.
● Design, develop and maintain DevOps process comprising several stages including plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate and monitor.
● Experience with setting up and maintaining Git and Jenkins CI environment.
● Experience with Linux/Unix OS system administration, configuration, troubleshooting, performance tuning, preventative maintenance, and security procedures.
● Hands-on experience in building VMs and Containers using Docker and Docker-Compose.
● Experience with NewRelic setup and administration.
● Experience with MySQL database backup and restore.
● Experience with setting up opcache, Varnish, memcache, AWS Elasticache.
● Experience with bash scripting system maintenance tasks.
● Must have a flair for automation and continuous performance improvement.
● Must have strong oral and written communication skills, presentation skills and have the ability to self prioritise tasks.
● Must be able to maintain a balanced composure in high stress situations.
● Must possess the ability to anticipate and mitigate problems proactively.
● Cloud migration experience will be a plus.
● Experience with Terraform will be a plus.
● Knowledge of basic windows pc maintenance will be a plus.


Expected AWS services setup and configuration skills: Well versed with AWS CLI commands, EC2, VPC, VPC Peering, NAT Gateway, RDS, Route 53, ALB, ELB, Security Groups, IAM Permission Policies, S3, S3 Lifecycle, Glacier, SNS, SES, SQS, EFS, CloudFront, ElastiCache (Memcached), CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Cloud Formation, Autoscaling, Athena, ECS, Trusted Advisor, Certificate Manager. Experience with or knowledge of additional AWS services is a PLUS. Certification preferred.


Expected software and services installation and configuration skills: LAMP, Puppet, HAProxy, Docker (setup Dockerfile, build Docker images, setup docker-compose, YAML, etc.), Jenkins, MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.7, mysql backup, Apache 2.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.4, PHP 8.1, PHP-FPM, AWS CLI, NFS, Varnish, SOLR, Zookeeper, Linux system crons, Postfix, pfsense, s6-svscan, OpenSSL, NetBeans, Eclipse, DokuWiki, NewRelic, Nagios, OpenVPN, PHP opcache, Memcache, node.js, npm, JS frameworks, dnsmasq, Git.


Experience with Linux flavours: Ubuntu/Lubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 & 20.04 Experience with other Linux flavours will be a plus.


CM tools & programming experience: Bash, Puppet, ERB templates, YAML, Ruby (basic knowledge), SQL (basic knowledge), PHP (basic knowledge), JSON


Minimum education: Graduate in Computer Science, MCA or equivalent.

Please send your resume to with the reference ID DOP20220406 in the subject or upload your resume here.

Senior PHP Developer (Reference ID: PHP08042022)

We are looking to fill a couple of senior PHP full stack developer positions. You must be an independent thinker and also be a team player.




EXPERIENCE: 5+ years of experience 



Clear understanding of OOP, OO Design Principles, OO Design Patterns, Class Diagrams.

Solid knowledge of PHP programming language.

Strong database experience with MySQL and PDO.

Strong experience with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap CSS framework, JavaScript and jQuery.

Experience with a PHP framework.

Common security vulnerabilities in PHP applications and their fixes.

Possess understanding of RESTful API.

Strong in self-testing one’s own work, to make thorough and bug free deliveries.

Must be a good communicator and be well-organised.

Must be a good team player and an independent thinker.

Any UG/PG degree.



Knowledge of Linux/Unix and Windows platform.

Strong design, development, and integration experience in highly efficient web applications.

Over 5 years of proven software development experience with:

Writing readable and well-designed object-oriented code in PHP.

Following the coding conventions, guidelines, and best practices.

Expertise with Apache configuration, PHP-FPM configuration and caching technologies.

Possess strong ability to refactor code.

Creating normalised and well-indexed database tables.

Possess understanding of Many-Many, One-Many, etc. relationships.

Optimising SQL queries using EXPLAIN.

Experience with PDO.

Experience with Smarty templates.

Experience with building Restful API’s.

Experience in Symfony or any other PHP framework is a plus.

Experience with Bootstrap CSS framework, other CSS frameworks.

Understanding and experience of writing automated unit tests using PHPUnit.

Knowledge of the LMS standards such as SCORM, LTI and xAPI is a plus.

Experience with Moodle is a plus.

Experience with WordPress.

Experience with SOLR and Zookeeper is a plus.

Experience with VueJS or any other Javascript framework (React, Angular, etc.) is a plus.

GIT Version control.

Code profiling methods and code quality tools.

Troubleshooting production issues.

Bash shell scripting.


Skills required: PHP7.x, Object oriented programming, Symfony

Web Technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, CSS3, Web Services(RESTful, SOAP), AWS API, Bootstrap 3+, WordPress

Databases: MYSQL

OS: Linux & Windows

Tools: GIT, PHPUnit, Composer, NetBeans IDE, Jenkins

Please send your resume to with the reference ID PHP08042022 in the subject or upload your resume here.